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It's not easy now and it wasn't easy back then.

Way back when and in a land far away (Monclova Coahuila, Mexico) Bennie Rodriguez worked long, long, hours in the family restaurant. One day his life changed when he me Mela. They married and immigrated to Kenosha to start a new life together. Bennie worked on the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad for 25 years before retiring.

Early retirement didn't sit well with Bennie. He had a plan. It might work. Possibly. In October 1982 they opened Tacos El Rey (Taco King) in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Back then he took your order, ran back to the kitchen to make. put it in the pass through window, and then served it to you. Almost a one man operation. There have been several renovations but the restaurant still stands on its ordinal Birch Road site.

Just a little more than 10 years later, he opened a second site at 21st and Lathrop in Racine.

Benny and Mela retired and are living happily in San Antonio (better weather).  While they are happy, this is not the end of the story. Sonia, one of Bennie's three daughters, operates the Racine location. Jeremy, Sonia's son, operates the Kenosha location.

They have a lot of help from Porfidio (Frank), Chriss, Sarah, Missy and a cast of 30 other characters. Stop in and say "hi" and grab a bite to eat.

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